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Healthcare Coverage

Full coverage for NPAworldwide members! Enroll anytime in 30 minutes - includes healthcare, dental, vision, LTD, and more!


An exclusive benefit for NPAworldwide members.

Let's Get Started

NPAhealthcare.com has partnered with MyHealthily to bring NPAworldwide members affordable healthcare options like never before!

Our trusted advisors will help answer questions and walk you through the enrollment process at a date and time that works for you.

Big Annual Savings

See how one small business owner dramatically cut their total healthcare cost.

Previous Current
Family: $3,150 Family: $1,606
Individuals: $1,160 Individuals: $487

About MyHealthily

MyHealthily helps small business owners to solve major pain points by providing them with streamlined enrollment, WOW customer service, choice, and value with affordable healthcare coverage.

Schedule a call to compare health plans from the nation’s top health insurance companies and partners.

All Plans Include Prosper Benefits

Free to all members – these services and tools should be the first place you go when you need to see a doctor, counselor, health consultant, or get a prescription filled. By using Prosper Benefits and our prescription drug card, your insurance company does not get a claim – and in return saves you, your employees, and company money.

Telehealth – with $0 Copay

Feel better now! 24/7 access to a doctor is only a call or click away with no co-pay!

Health Advocacy

Improved health outcomes, reduced absenteeism, and lower costs.

Medical Bill Saver

Expert negotiators work to lower out-of-pocket costs on medical and dental bills.

Work/Life Care Management

Counselors resolve over 80% of cases - successfully avoiding the use of costly mental health or drug and alcohol benefits.

Prescription Discounts

Our alternative discount drug card can save you up to 80% and beat copay prices. Free to members and their family. Start saving today!

Our Customers

“Thank you for getting right to us! Your help and support have been great.”

James Epperson
Owner, Hilton Village Goldsmith

“It is a breath of fresh air to speak to someone about real options that are less than $300 per employee.”

Travis Jamie
Owner, The Game Crafter

“Just got off the phone with your Broker representative. She was great. Mad props to her customer service skills.”

John Torres
Executive Director, Maryland Farm Bureau

Let’s Set Up a Time and Date to Talk!


We have partnered with MyHealthily to provide healthcare solutions and ancillary products to NPAworldwide members.

We Love Brokers & Agents

MyHealthily supports brokers who seek to educate and support small groups with purpose-built health coverage.​

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